2011 Devils Hole Workshop
MAY 4 - 6, 2011

2011 Presentations
2011 Presentations

Schedule of Presentations and Abstracts

Wednesday, May 4
Thursday, May 5
Construction of a Mesocosm Re-Creation of Devils Hole - Feuerbacher

Impacts of Diel Convection of the Shallow Shelf of Devils Hole - Hausner

Evaluating Groundwater Flow Through the Gravity Fault in Ash Meadows, Nevada Using Geophysical Methods - Jansen

Zeolite Fibers (Erionite and Modrenite) Health and Safety, and Carcinogenicity - Paz

Renewable Energy in Amargosa Valley - Helseth

Yucca: A Mountain of Data and No Place to Put It - King

Food Bottlenecks to Larval Recruitment of Devils Hole Pupfish - Mapula

Status Report: Desert Windows into Deep Microbial Ecosystems of Death Valley, Amargosa Valley, and the Nevada National Security Site - Moser

Nye County Groundwater Evaluation Drilling Program - Kryder

Overview of Environmental Management (EM), Environmental Restoration (ER), and the Underground Test Area (UGTA) Strategy - Wilborn

Nevares Spring Lower Carbonate Aquifer Artesian Well Analysis - Bredehoeft

Devils Hole Site Plan Improvements, Status of the Long Term Ecosystem Monitoring Plan, Current Monitoring Efforts, and Status of the Devils Hole Pupfish - Wilson
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